When you give to Rappahannock United Way, you’re helping people in our region overcome their financial crisis.

Through financial coaching and assistance, we help them get back on their feet.

Learning is really tough when nothing makes sense.

Miguel knows.

Miguel was falling behind in his reading skills and was at risk of having to repeat a grade. Unfortunately, he didn’t have books at home so he could practice his reading. Rappahannock United Way volunteers intervened and were able to help him with his reading at school. RUW also made sure he had grade-level books to take home to read with his parents over the summer. Now, Miguel loves reading, and he’s catching up with his peers.
It’s tough to concentrate
on your job when you’re
worried about your child.

Maranda knows.

Maranda was advancing in her career, but finding and keeping affordable childcare started to distract her at work. After losing several babysitters in a short period of time, she started to call out from work. When she sought financial counseling from Rappahannock United Way, we were able to help her find licensed, affordable childcare. Maranda can now focus on work, knowing her child is safe.
Two jobs don’t
give you financial

Colin and Amanda know.

After working all of his adult life, Colin found himself unemployed.
He struggled to find a new job. Even though he and his wife, Amanda, had both been employed for years, they had little savings. Rappahannock United Way’s financial coach was able to direct Colin to advancedcertification training in his industry, which helped Colin land a new and better-paying job.
Walking on eggshells
is no way to live.
David and his family know.

David and his family know.

David never knew when the next tirade would come. His PTSD was
getting the best of him – frightening his wife and terrifying his kids. He was at his wits’ end until he found help through Rappahannock United Way. We were able to link him and his family with counseling and anger
management courses. Today, David and his family are finding peace
and the joy that comes from a safe home.
120,000 local people are living paycheck-to-paycheck. One unexpected life event – loss of a loved one, needed car repair, unexpected bill – can send them into a crisis.